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Our environment in its original strength!

Geomantie bzw Erdheilung bedeutet Harmonisierung der Erdenergien

As part of the geomancy, burdensome earth energies are clarified and harmonized so that we can use the original power of nature again and the place where we live or work becomes a place of power that vitalizes and strengthens us.


Not only water veins, earth faults and magnetic fields influence our energetic environment. A multitude of energies are stored in the earth, all of which determine the flow of energy from the interior of the earth to the surface, our living space. Humans have left their footprints everywhere over the centuries and millennia (e.g. wars or other interpersonal cruelties, etc.).


Karma and geomancy


The human soul always returns to places where it has been in the past. This is done to clarify old karmic topics, to learn, or just to relax and regain strength from positive past experiences.

If the energetic anchors stored in the earth are left-handed earth energies, they can strain our subtle energy system and make body and soul sick. It is therefore beneficial to clarify and harmonize them.



Processes and areas of application:


• constant irritability (like being under power)

• massive nerve tension

• restlessness, exhaustion, sleep disorders

• Chronic diseases

• Constant quarrels

• Inexplicable fears, depressive moods

• Sudden physical and psychological stress after moving

• and much more

Lotusbluete mit Ohm

Especially in our immediate surroundings it is important

that we feel comfortable so that we can grow

and can be successful, both privately and professionally.

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