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Travel back in time

Reise in die Vergangenheit bzw. ins Licht

A journey into the past is not only exciting, it can also be used as a very healing remedy. In a return, deep-seated, stressful topics are gently clarified.


Stressful karmic issues often have a very unpleasant effect in today's life. For example, we are always faced with the same problems or find ourselves in situations that are extremely stressful or seem hopeless, but are unable to change anything about them. In the interpersonal area, we feel emotions such as hate, anger, anger, anger or fear or discomfort, which we may not be able to explain in a purely rational way.


As with aura clearing, feedback is not only used to treat the symptom, but also to look for the cause of the problem in a targeted manner and to clarify its origin. As a result, extremely effective and, above all, sustainable results can be achieved very quickly.



Processes and areas of application:


• partnership, family, children

• Job, career, financial issues

• Emotional area (fears, worries, anger, ..)

• Self-confidence, self-confidence, self-worth

• Zest for life, fun

• sexuality

• Various disease topics

• and much more


A trip back in time is not only exciting,

but also very healing.

Letting go of pain from the past means peace for the soul!

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